Enphase is mostly known for its microinverters, but it's made quite a big name for itself in the battery space too. Here's everything you should know about Enphase home batteries.

A solar panel by itself won't help you when the power goes out. To protect your home from outages, you'll need a home battery backup. Because every home's energy needs are a bit different, batteries are a complex purchase. Enphase offers a decent starting point. 

Enphase is one of the most recognizable names in the solar battery and inverter world, offering three different battery models that are each embedded with their famed microinverters. These batteries -- the IQ Battery 3 and IQ Battery 10 models -- are smaller and less powerful than options from other manufacturers. Enphase recently released a smaller, much more powerful battery called the IQ Battery 5P. This new battery rivals the power output of larger batteries at half the capacity size, which is impressive for a small battery.